From: Robin Eve - "Joe, thank you SO SO much for the CD at the last show, I find I am quite addicted!!! Haven't actually made it through the whole thing yet, every time I find a favorite I have to replay it a few times, then move on to the next, then that's a favorite and I replay that over and over. LOL will give more specific details shortly. beyond impressed by this. Well done my friend!!! :-)"
From: Ron - Hi Joe, my name is Ron, my friend Jennifer and I just saw you play at mickey malone's last saturday night. We thought you were great, you really sing from the soul with passion. it was a good show. i still have your old guitar pick.
Hey Joe, hope all is well... for what it's worth, a quick story... I've been zipping around manhattan, doing various and sundry consulting gigs for organizations & the Met, while waiting around for a meeting i was catching up on tunes on my mp3 player......a high honcho came in and after exchanging pleasantries he asked what i was listening chance would have it, it was 'father time'...he asked to listen, and no joke, he teared up..he said he thought at first listen it was a cheap 'cats in the cradle' knock off, but as he listened, he said it was a perspective he hadn't heard in song got to him...he asked if he could copy it off my player...i deferred, ...but wrote out the song, your name and web address for him and told him to pick up a few copies..... He said he absolutely would, so as a heads up, his name is....and he's ....with the Met. Thought you'd like to know. Take care. M.
From: A fan in Bayside - Joe, you are a talented and gifted musician who expresses his passion for his music with sensitivity and a genuine love of what he is doing. It shows! Much success to you and "The Storm".
From: Debbie - Please continue to update your bookings. I borrowed a cd from my library and can't wait to see the band live.
From: Maxine - My friends who are high school teachers use your lyrics for a composition subject. I use them as an example of what to do using music and listening comprehension..."
From: Cliff Bowdin <New Music Showcase> Hi Joe, just wanted you to know that "The Waters of Lethe" was the number 2 most played song on the website last week (check out Music Pages,right column). And I also wanted to say good luck on tonights show.
From: Louie V. <> Congratulations to JOE PIKET and THE STORM on being selected as GETAGIG's Entertainer of The Month for November. This band has really been rockin the Queens, New York, and Long Island areas from live shows to cable and radio appearances. They are really moving ahead.
From: Joe Ags <> Mad Props to JOE PIKET AND THE STORM for doing an awesome rendition of one of my favorite Rock-n-Roll anthems "JungleLand" by Springsteen - WELL DONE JOE!!!    
From: Peter French <> Congratulations on the great write-up in the March Good Times. It's nice to see you finally getting the recognition you deserve on a larger stage, not just for your writing, but also for your piano playing.    
From: John, Ginger Moon <> Saw you guys at the Downtown and you & some crazy solo guy were the best out of 12 acts we saw. Later.    
From: A fan from Boston - Regarding the guy who wrote about your piano playing, he ws right, people know you as a songwriter, they don't really know what a great piano player you are. I had the opportunity to here you at a hotel you were staying at here about a year ago, you might remember, you were playing on the grand piano in the lobby, people were just stopping to watch. It was pretty amazing. I think you even played the Beatles tune you just covered on the new Tempest CD.    
From: Heather Cook <> As someone who bases love of music greatly on lyrics, I was impressed with what I've heard so far. I wouldn't have been led to this site if it weren't for a RANDOM early morning search of Schuyler Deale on the Web. Interested in what he's doing these days. We used to hang out during "Stormfront," and early "Soul Provider" days, Providence and Baltimore etc. Please extend my greetings to him. Thanks and will look for the cd around me!    
From: Will <> Joe, Thank you for taking the time to perform George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at your gig tonight. (Nov 30.) You and John did a great job.    
From: Maxine <> Joe, Someone sent me your 1st cd as a gift and it has been playing non-stop. Friends dropping by have stopped to listen and all of them want to know where I found you. Just good luck. Keep on singing your words, Your Fan Club in Israel    
From: elizabeth houlihan - Very impressive mr. bruce springstein from LI. You sound great. I had fun
last night. Keep in touch, Elizabeth
From: Dave Franklin - Joe-Heard you at the Wrong Way Inn. The new band sounds great. They (and you)
rock alot more than the CD (which is still one of my all-time favorite discs!) Dave
From: GAIL <> hi joe I just listened to some cuts on your cd. see you at kennys castaways, gail    
From: Manny Satriani <optonline> Great job singing the National Anthem before last night's game, Joe. Voice
was different than on your CD, but then again, I had heard that you were "a man of many voices". Thanks for doing a great job. It was a great game, no?
From: Joe <AOL> Iread your review on One thing for sure...that guy likes you much more then he liked Michael Bolton.    
From: Jackson <> Home Run!! Congradulations on a fantastic record, Joe. We wish you only the best.    
From: Michael Parker - Hi Joe, I just listened to Nine Times Framed for the first time. I can see that you
are an educated musician and wordsmith. It always amazes me how many nursery-rhyme melodies and say-nothing lyrics there are in popular music today. Do the record labels think we are all that shallow? I guess they are right, because garbage obviously sells. It's too bad, because a really talented writer such as yourself, who is obviously serious about his music and lyrics, is passed over for the lower common denominator. Well, keep writing quality stuff, my friend, I have no doubt that in the end the cream will rise to the top. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person one day. Michael


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