From: gary bivona <johnson706> The writing of this artist is excellent,i have joe's 1st cd which i would recommend highly and i am thrilled with this effort.what a great songwriter and singer.i recommend this to everybody, awesome work.
From: Anonymous from NYC - I enjoyed your site. I just ordered 2 copies of your CD. I want to give one to a freind of mine. You are a real New York City styled songwriter.    
From: J.D. - Hello. Cool solo by Richie Cannata on I WILL WAIT FOR YOU. That is one of my favorite moments on your cd. J.D. Ronkowski    
From: Freddy Johannson in L.A. - CD is real good. Any chance of you doing some shows out here?    
From: Kathy and Lori - We like the part of your show where you sing and play alone.The first time we saw you you did What Goes Around (Comes Around) on the guitar and the second night you sang Wait for U accompanied by just yourself on the piano.It was really beautiful.    
From: Ed M., NYC - Great show Friday night Also caught you on cable. Great band.Where did you record your album, it is one of the best produced CDs not on a major label.    
From: Kris on Long Island - How did you get those guys from Billy Joel to play your music? That must of been really exciting. Please write back if your not too busy.    
From: Frank W. - Hey Joe! Your music is so versatile. I just got done listening to the entire CD twice, and I must say, there's something there for everyone.You are obviously very talented. Keep up the fine work.    
From: karen vaccaro <> joe-this is great! keep me updated on your music please!    


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