CHRISTMAS IN REVERSE, the Christmas song Joe co-wrote, sang, and played guitar and keys on, will be featured in the movie "Give A Little". Written last year with good buddy Andy Esposito, who played bass on it, the tune also features old friend Michael Mancuso on drums..
_ _ _

For the second straight time, JOE PIKET is going to the Finals of the Long Island Music Festival. Click here to see the performance that got Joe and the band into the Final Round.
_ _ _

New York, November 1, 2010

                 The collaboration between legendary Tin-Pan Alley composer Bernie Bierman and Joe Piket is finally complete. The song, "I Can Be", is a children's song, with a message for children and adults as well. It will be recorded and released early next year.

                 Said Joe, “I met Bernie in Manhattan about ten years ago, and we struck up a friendship. We’ve stayed in touch over the years; I’ve been to several of his birthday parties and we e mail back and forth a lot. Bernie is an avid computer user. We’ve also gotten together a bunch of times and exchanged musical ideas over lunch. After listening to the songs on FATHER TIME, Bernie suggested to me that even though our musical styles are different, the themes on that CD – the passing of time, familial relationships, children and parents – are universal ones. He felt it would be interesting to put our heads together and see what we come up with. I’m honored that he asked me, and I’ve enjoyed working with Bernie on this.” Mr. Bierman, who turned 102 years young this past August, has written for Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra, Billy Eckstine, Don Cherry, Sammy Kaye, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, Xavier Cugat, and Fran Warren, among others.

_ _ _

Joe Piket will be reprising his role as pianist/keyboardist Reese Wynans with the Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band Cold Shot, for two nights. Cold Shot, which features Long Island's legendary guitarist Eddie Jelley as Stevie Ray Vaughan, will be performing at the Vail-Leavitt Theatre in Riverhead, Long Island, on Friday night June 11, and at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury, Connecticut on Saturday night, June 12.
_ _ _

_ _ _

Be sure to check out the Joe Piket article and pictures in the
Oct 27 issue of Good Times Magazine!
_ _ _

North Hollywood, Ca. July 15, 2009

            Chuck Tennin, President of Big Fish Publishing Group, announced today that he had signed Joe Piket to a licensing contract. The deal allows Big Fish to place several of Joe’s songs, including a Gary Black re-mix of “There”, in upcoming movies and television shows.

            In a written statement announcing the agreement, Mr. Tennin stated, “We’re happy to be able to add Joe to our organization. A long-term working relationship and friendship is the goal.” Added Joe, “I’m looking forward to having Chuck and his staff handle these songs. Chuck really went out of his way to get this done, and to show me how much they thought of my music”.

_ _ _

Merrick, N.Y. June 25, 2009

          With ex-Billy Joel sideman Richie Cannata sitting in on saxophone, Joe Piket and Friends put on a tight, fast-paced performance at the Bad Moon in Merrick, N.Y. on June 25 to help kick off the 2009 Long Island Music Festival. With Good Times publisher and Festival founder Rich Branciforte in attendance, the band showcased Piket classics like TIMELESS and APRIL, as well as material from Joe’s latest CD, FATHER TIME, including PAYIN’ THE PRICE FOR SPRING and the title track.

            “Richie added a lot to the set”, Joe said. “He took some great solos, especially on FATHER and APRIL. And he added a lot of texture to the music when he wasn’t soloing.” The band’s performance and Joe’s songwriting moved Mr. Branciforte to award Joe Piket and Friends a slot in the LIMF semi-finals. That show will take place at the Dublin Pub, located in New Hyde Park, on the night of August 7.

UPDATE - JOE PIKET AND FRIENDS finished third runner-up (out of 182 acts) in the Festival, leading to a front page story in Good Times Magazine. Click here...

Review of the FATHER TIME CD,  Newsday, March 13 - Rafer Guzman

Smart, funny, unpredictable and potentially polarizing, "Father Time," the latest disc on Elijah Records from East Meadow's Joe Piket and The Storm, ranks as a cut above the usual singer-songwriter genre. The 10 tracks range from catchy power-pop to rock bombast to possible political commentary - more on that later.

Piket's ageless voice combines adult wisdom with adolescent energy, making him an appealing, authoritative frontman. He kicks off with "Payin' the Price for Spring," a chugging pop-rock track about childhood, parenthood and how such ideas change over time: "He's sure that I'm irrelevant, and listening is a chore / My father was intelligent/I've seen this show before." Wait - did this guy just fit the entire cycle of life into four minutes and 28 seconds? Not bad. What's next?

Next comes a plethora of styles, from the folk-rock title track to a Queen-style workout called "Summercrimes," complete with an operatic chorus. Piket also includes an aggrandized cover of the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home," adding his own updated lyrics ("meeting the man from that chat-room she found"). It's either a feat of derring-do or a ghastly failure - 10 listens later, you may still find yourself unable to decide.

But the album's most intriguing track is "Song for Peace (Peace Through Strength)." Piket's tone is arch as he sings of characters who preach pacifism - a bullied schoolboy, an overly trusting property owner - only to find themselves used and abused. At first it seems like dark satire, akin to Randy Newman's "Short People." Then comes the bridge: "Peace is more than just the absence of war/ Where there's freedom there's an army to thank."

Hmm. Does this bouncy, shimmering pop tune really hide the talons of a hawk? Are Piket's kindhearted characters empathetic or just pathetic?...No matter where Piket stands politically, the song is...thought-provoking!

~ ~ ~

Another stand-out, professional effort by Joe Piket. His musicianship shines in the intricate weave of classic rock with a soft touch, blending the new with the nostalgic, strong rhythms and guitar licks with unusual and thoughtful turns in melody and lyric. Personal favorites -- the haunting guitar solos and gentle percussion of "These Guarded Tones" and the jazzy Latin sound of "The Spell".  (Kathy N.)

~ ~ ~

"Joe, thank you SO SO much for the CD at your last show, I find I am quite addicted!!! Haven't actually made it through the whole thing yet, every time I find a favorite I have to replay it a few times, then move on to the next, then that's a favorite and I replay that over and over. Beyond impressed by this. Well done!!! :-)" - Robin E.

~ ~ ~

Joe Piket has created an instant classic..The songs on Father Time are thematic in nature yet varied in style and texture, both classic and current..If you prefer songs over samples, this is the CD for you...this is an album which is that rare release that ties its themes together nicely - this is not just a collection of songs, but rather more of a song cycle, rock & roll style. Get it and play it loud! (Mike)

~ ~ ~

Joe has created another compelling musical statement. With a voice which has hints of Billy Joel and David Bowie, Joe forges his own passionate and insistant style. The instrumentation is understated and straightforward, yet the songs have a lushness which rivals that of more heavily produced albums. "She's Leaving Home" is a revelatory reworking of the original, and emerges as a real tour de force of the "Father Time" collection. Joe's music is at once complex and accessible and should fit nicely in your CD collection. (Stu Y.)

~ ~ ~

Rocker Joe Piket does it again with another album - this one a very personal work, showcasing his considerable songwriting chops. The songs range in style and tempo from rock to latino flavor to ballad and back again. The patriotic Piket even weighs in on political debate on "Peace Through Strength." Also, check out the fresh, updated take on a Beatles' classic "She's Leaving Home." Excellent. (Kieran)

"When I see these guys walking through the door, I say 'Thank G-d!'"
George Marshall, sound engineer, The Downtown, Farmingdale, N.Y.

"In the spirit of Billy Joel and Harry Chapin comes another local singer/songwriter who captures the personality of the every-man; his name is Joe Piket.....Piket received praise for his sensational song-writing abilities on his debut album, NINE TIMES FRAMED, which put him in the local spotlight as an outstanding songwriter and storyteller. Now, with TEMPEST, expect a lot more of the same." Don Sill, Good Times Magazine

"Now this is cool cool cool...A fine fine mix of early (Sil)Marillion, classic Kansas, Deep Purple, early Musical Box Genesis – A bombastic, delicate, intricate, warm, anthemic, rocking old school prog feast...big bad, bouncy and meaty. Great big blues edged (Jon Lord flavoured) organ counter...warm reflective keyboard interlude...Steve Rothery style choral guitar … carry on my wayward son….it rules."

"The instrumentation is of professional-caliber: the bass plugs away like lightning; the guitar work is exceptional, especially on the solos; the drums ride the Prog into the sunset; the synth glitters like the sun drenched waters of Lethe. The entire song is very well done: one-half Andrew Lloyd Webber, one-half Yes....Pure Prog Gold. Great work." REVIEW BY KPC, Orange Entropy Records Independent Reviews

"Joe Piket and the Storm are definitely one of the best "live" bands you'll ever see. Joe Piket is a great songwriter, add that to personal ability and a great band, then you'll know what we mean." - Cliff Bowdin - New Music Showcase

"JOE PIKET AND THE STORM are one of the best-sounding live bands on the Long Island scene. Period. Their music is colorful, the lyrics are meaningful, and their overall sound is sharp and powerful." - Andrew Sulo, Power of Music Productions

"Joe Piket is not only a superb songwriter, he's also an accomplished pianist. If you're into deep lyrics and contemporary pop that has meaning, you should give JOE PIKET AND THE STORM a chance." - Janelle Jones, L.I.E.

"When he's not sounding like Warren Zevon or Iggy Pop, Joe Piket's greatest strength is in his fingers." - Kevin Amorin, Newsday

"So come meet the new Boss...Joe Piket and The Storm...Joe Piket can best be described as the Bruce Springsteen of Long Island." - Mike Ferrari, Aural Fix

"Zero To Ninety"is better than most commercially successful pop music." - Matthew Sheahan,


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