JOE PIKET (ASCAP writer and publisher))  has been described as “a more edgy Billy Joel”, and “the Bruce Springsteen of Long Island” by local reviewers. He makes his living in New York as a working musician (keyboards, vocals, and guitar) playing and recording his own songs as well as other people’s material. He has written for cable and television, and he has been fortunate enough to meet and work with some very talented and fairly well-known people, a lot of whom have helped him record his songs. Audiences have been blown away by Joe's energy, musical integrity, and lyrical originality. In addition to headlining his own shows, he has appeared with such diverse acts as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Leon Russell, Renaissance, Johnny Maestro, Randy Jackson of Zebra (several times), and Jason Bonham, son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Rave reviews have appeared in Newsday, Good Times, Aural Fix, and other print publications, as well as many on-line publications.

           Joe Piket's first CD, TEMPEST, charted well on CMJ, including # 1 on many college radio stations in the tri-state area and nationally.  His next CD, THE WATERS OF LETHE (on Elijah Records), featured the 14-minute epic title track, which was favorably compared to the music of King Crimson, Yes, and Queen, receiving airplay on over 300 college radio stations around the country. THE WATERS OF LETHE also features an updated version of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind", with Joel sideman Richie Cannata on sax. Joe received special recognition from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg for his inventive interpretation of the Joel classic.


After JOE PIKET AND THE STORM disbanded in 2004,  Joe began writing new material, drawing on observations of, conversations with, and childhood memories rekindled by, his children. Basic tracks for the new songs were developed and recorded with some of Joe’s closest friends, and as THE WATERS OF LETHE continued to sell well, Joe was able to keep going back to the studio, recording, augmenting, and fine-tuning the songs. This caused the release date for the new CD to be moved back several times, but the result was worth waiting for. FATHER TIME (also on Elijah Records),  features some of Joe's strongest material to date, musically and lyrically. FATHER TIME is a collection of songs about relationships between the generations, relationships evolving and dissolving, and relationships inevitably damaged by the passage of time. While most of the songs are new material by Piket, there is also a cover of the Beatles classic, "She's Leaving Home", with an updated musical arrangement and some new lyrics (as well as some lyrics "borrowed" from a different Beatles song).

Said Joe, "A lot of people were kind of put off by my version (of "She's Leaving Home"), just because it's so different. Which to me was the whole point of doing it; why just copy the same arrangement? I even told the guys specifically NOT to listen to the original before we recorded the new version. I tried to contrast the "quiet" moments in the house, safe and sheltered, with the "threatening" parts that have her outside, and build to a point where it actually becomes violent, musically speaking, which I hoped would imply that something violent happened to her, and ending with a last chord that hangs in the air as her life slips away. Most people understood what I was doing, but a few folks had a hard time accepting it. I understand that; you take a chance whenever you cover someone else's song, and when it's  Beatles song, the stakes are even higher." There is also a beautiful new song co-written with (and sung by) long-time JP co-vocalist Sue M., "Your Empty Skies", about a woman's attempts to "reach" her husband as she watches him succumb to Alzheimer's. From the fiery opening electric guitar signature riff on "Payin' The Price For Spring" to the final steel guitar flourish on "Evelyn's Mix", (the alternate -acoustic version of the title track), the CD is a rich collection of instrumental and vocal textures, and lyrics that read like poetry. 



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